As We Draw "Mirages"

THRT046 / October 4, 2014


"Mirages" is the outstanding second full-length from french powerhouse AS WE DRAW. Pursuing their will of constant evolution since 2009, these Laval natives have imposed their unique take on post-metal and noisy hardcore, crafted through ambitious songwriting and disarming live performances. Three years in the making, the follow-up to 2010's "Lines Breaking Circles" shows a band decided to challenge themselves as much as the listener (if not even more), out of every sub-genres conventions and commonplaces. As a proof, the album starts with the longest track ever wrote by the band. The ten-minutes mudslide that is "The Window" flows from eerie and intricate melodies to overwhelming parts, before descending into an unreal, glacial ending.

This record is the culmination of the power trio's hard-earned mastery, where dense and nervous tracks ("Blackmail", "Denial") stand alongside richly atmospheric and massive soundscapes ("Shipwreck", "Fata Morgana"). Engineered and mixed at La Senelle by their drummer Amaury Sauvé, mastered by Magnus Lindberg, and lyrically exploring the theme of paranoïa seen through different eyes, "Mirages" is destined to remain an awe-inspiring piece of dark and forward-thinking heavy music.

  • Recorded live by Nicolas Aigros at La Senelle, Laval, France
  • Produced, engineered and mixed by Amaury Sauvé at La Senelle, Laval, France
  • Mastered by Magnus Lindberg at Redmount Studios, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Artwork by Romain Barbot

506 x milky clear


01. The Window
02. Losing Ground
03. Blackout
04. Blackmail
05. Fata Morgana
06. Denial
07. Acceptance
08. Fata Bromosa
09. Panic
10. Limbo
11. Shipwreck

    As We Draw / Euglena / Hexis "Split"

    THRT016 / January 11, 2012


    Nearly one year after AS WE DRAW's first album "Lines Breaking Circles" which propel them into the rank of the biggest european outsiders of their style, the young princes of french post-metal are back to punish everybody once again with these two tracks, more muscular and tighter than never before. Five-stars songwriting, outrageous emotional power and contagious anxiety, this is caviar filled with cyanide. EUGLENA are coming from the red nation but could have come from the pink city; the hardcore from these russians is as dissonant as buzzing, not so far from the know-how of tolosians I Pilot Daemon & Plebeian Grandstand. These three tracks are a good session of revigorating apnea, slower and dirtier continuation of their previous EP "An Anxious Surface". Danish butchers HEXIS throw hardcore, black metal, sludge and blast beats in the most epic and brutal way. If their first eponymous EP has already teared a strip off some people, "Crux" and "Nex" are following the going-over by stepping up their urgency and helped by a nauseous as-fuck sound.

    • Recorded by Amaury Sauvé & Thomas Dilis at La Senelle, Laval, France / Ilya Borisov at Solid Rock Studio, Saint Petersburg, Russia / Emil Sauer at Grapehouse Studio, Copenhagen, Denmark
    • Mixed by Sylvain Biguet in Paris, France / Ilya Borisov at Solid Rock Studio, Saint Petersburg, Russia / Johan Girardeau & Stephane Jeaningros at Studio Des Prairies, Besançon, France
    • Mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering, Chicago, USA / Carl Saff at Saff Mastering, Chicago, USA  / Santi Garcia at Ultramarinos Costa Brava, Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Spain
    • Artwork by Romain Barbot

    300 x black


    01. As We Draw - Fingers To Point
    02. As We Draw - Fingers To Stab
    03. Euglena - Before After/After The Before
    04. Euglena - Renaissance
    05. Hexis - Crux
    06. Hexis - Nex

      As We Draw "Lines Breaking Circles"

      THRT007/ November 1, 2010

      LP / DIGITAL

      AS WE DRAW commands pathos well – preternaturally even – with a release of this caliber, they can stand as a more introverted Buried Inside or Union of Uranus; "Lines Breaking Circles" thinks first, but rather than allow its obvious mechanical ability act as middleman, produces a mulled outlook second. We know this is to be felt because its been felt for so long and in so many different ways between the album’s writing and our listening to it. If you were conflicted with "Lucky Me" like I was, then this is undoubtedly its antithesis. Interplay between all of the strings is wisely integrated into the affect of the disc, and it’s that understatement that keeps momentum strong over other bands’ tired impulse to draw obvious lines around their layers. It’s my hope that this will be a sleeper hit in the way that "Chronoclast" was, reminding us that emotion-driven heavy music is vital and not contracted to the whims of a fickle scene. (Hearwax Media)

      • Recorded live by Amaury Sauvé & Sylvain Biguet at La Senelle, Laval, France
      • Mixed by Sylvain Biguet in Paris, France
      • Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music, New Windsor, USA
      • Artwork by Bart Balboa & Amaury Sauvé

      100 x white
      200 x black

      500 x black


      01. Shame
      02. Sin Of Addiction
      03. Shield
      04. Burst Of Colour
      05. When Crowds Are Trapped
      06. Fault Lines
      07. Drowned In Flames
      08. Draft
      09. Scum Of The Earth