Comity "A Long, Eternal Fall"

THRT060 / May 26, 2017


Despite releasing forward-thinking records that have pushed the boundaries of noisy, technical hardcore, Parisian band COMITY has remained one of France's best kept secret since their formation 20 years ago. The band entered the studio during fall 2016 with producer Fred Rochette to track "A Long, Eternal Fall", their fourth album. These eight tracks are the band's most definitive musical statement to date, more extreme than the grinding madness of their early days and more massive than the aerial, post-metal leanings of their two previous release, showcasing their love for all things dissonant.

  • Recorded live, mixed and mastered by Frédéric Rochette & Comity at P.N.F. Studios, Reims, France
  • Artwork by Peggy Le Guern & Francis Passini

230 x royal blue / white A side / B side
345 x black


01. I
02. II
03. III
04. IV
05. V
06. VI
07. VII
08. VIII

    Comity "The Journey Is Over Now"

    THRT015 / December 8, 2011

    2xLP / CD / DIGITAL

    "The Journey Is Over Now" shows a band more ruthless and musically ambitious than ever before. Four tracks delivering 52 minutes of an oppressive but finely worked chaos : a maze of winding riffs and unique melodies. Recorded and mixed between Laval and Paris by sound sorcerers Amaury Sauvé & Sylvain Biguet, mastered by Carl Saff, this fine-cut monolith of darkness shows a band in constant soul-searching and who has been able to push their art in ways they never would have dreamed possible. Exhausting in their ability to bring fluidity and atmosphere to their extremely dense compositions, "The Journey Is Over Now" reminds that COMITY is, more now than ever before, a band impossible to pigeon hole. This is extreme rock'n roll, and nothing else.

    • Recorded by Amaury Sauvé at La Senelle, Laval, France
    • Mixed by Sylvain Biguet in Paris, France
    • Mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering, Chicago, USA
    • Artwork by Anthony Gauchy & Comity

    500 x black


    01. Part I
    02. Part II
    03. Part III
    04. Part IV