Cowards "Still"

THRT057 / December 2, 2016


Far from resting on the laurels earned with their monumental second full-length, 2015's "Rise To Infamy", Paris most nothing COWARDS keep it busy with "Still". This brand new EP gather all their abilities - the sharpest riffing, the vilest grooves - on side A, with three tracks between thuggish sludge, unmoshable hardcore and knife-fighting black metal. Side B features two life-crushing covers (The Police "Every Breath You Take" and The Horrorist "One Night In NYC") in the grand COWARDS tradition, recorded during the "Rise To Infamy" sessions.

Once again produced by Francis Caste at Sainte-Marthe Studio and illustrated by Camille Blanchemain, "Still" crowns these full-time lonewolves as one of the most focused, major acts in today's metallic hardcore realm. Played by and for people who have strictly zero concern about fitting in any scene, ever.

  • Recorded, mixed and mastered by Francis Caste at Sainte-Marthe Studio, Paris, France
  • Artwork by Camille Blanchemain

219 x blood red
319 x black


01. Still (Paris Most Nothing) 
02. Let Go
03. Like Us
04. You Belong To Me
05. One Night In Any City

    Cowards "Rise To Infamy"

    THRT048 / February 9, 2015


    Parisian quintet, COWARDS, has become an unrelenting force since their inception in 2012, imposing their ruthless blend of metallic hardcore and sludge through several vinyl releases to date, and having crushed live audiences all across Europe. Having only grown stronger with every step of their brutal journey so far, the band will now unload their second album, "Rise To Infamy".

    These ten tracks stand up as their most cohesive work, brutally combining the heritage of Holy Terror/H8000 inspired-hardcore with devastating sludge and black metal savagery. Carrying a deep, oppressive urban coldness behind their spectacularly crushing wall of sound, the level of aggression spilled on "Rise To Infamy" is difficult to endure. Everything has been managed to inflict maximum aural damage; once again recorded by Francis Caste at Sainte-Marthe Studio (Arkhon Infaustus, Eibon, Kickback) as with their previous output, the band's monstrous tones sounds colder and more massive than ever. This is nothing but a monument of down-to-earth, unvarnished violence, punishing from start to finish.

    • Recorded, mixed and mastered by Francis Caste at Sainte-Marthe Studio, Paris, France
    • Artwork by Camille Blanchemain

    156 x 180 gram ultraclear
    385 x black


    01. Shame Along Shame
    02. Never To Shine
    03. Frustration (Is My Girl) 
    04. Beyond My Hands
    05. Birth Of The Sadistic Son
    06. Low Esteem
    07. Anything But The Highroad
    08. Wish For Infamy
    09. Bend The Knee
    10. So Easy

      Cowards "Hoarder"

      THRT034 / September 15, 2013

      12"EP / CD / DIGITAL

      Parisian filthy metallic hardcore act COWARDS returns with "Hoarder", the follow-up to 2012’s "Shooting Blanks And Pills". This new EP was recorded by producer Francis Caste (Kickback, Eibon, Arkhon Infaustus) at Sainte-Marthe Studio and illustrated by respected tattoo artist/illustrator Jean-Luc Navette. Five new tracks of throat-ripping hardcore/sludge, including a massive cover of 16 Horsepower's "Blessed Persistence".

      • Recorded, mixed and mastered by Francis Caste at Sainte-Marthe Studio, Paris, France
      • Artwork by Jean-Luc Navette

      500 x bone white


      01. The Old City
      02. Smell Of An Addict
      03. Fork Out
      04. Where Lies The Anchor
      05. Blessed Persistence

        Cowards "Shooting Blanks & Pills"

        THRT022 / June 30, 2012

        LP / CD / DIGITAL

        Gathering parisians with an already strong pedigree in dark and heavy music, COWARDS regurgitates gutter hardcore, unhealthy sludge/doom and nauseous black metal in "Shooting Blanks & Pills", their deeply raw and anxiogenic debut release. Only six months were needed to give birth to this full-length, monstrosity with a desperate urban feeling, bridge between the knife-in-the-heart crudeness of Eyehategod or Kickback and the majestic darkness of bands like Deathspell Omega or Thou. With a sound carrying smells of pissy streets and the dry blood you get for a sidelong glance, producer Francis Caste have perfectly catched the gist of these 38 minutes, recreating this forced apnea in a bile tank with a no frills approach. COWARDS features current and ex-members of Sickbag, Death Mercedes, Hangman's Chair, Eibon, Glorior Belli, Dacast, Colossus of Destiny…

        • Recorded, mixed and mastered by Francis Caste at Sainte-Marthe Studio, Paris, France
        • Artwork by Førtifem

        300 x 180 gram black


        01. Hoarse From The Get Go
        02. Last Card
        03. Scarce
        04. Vices & Hate
        05. Arrogant, Unseen
        06. Grand Failure