Fange "Punir"

THRT073 / March 1, 2019


With a reputation built on their radical approach to recordings and live shows, FANGE (Rennes, France) has spent five years refining their outrageous, excessive vision of heavy music over one full-length ("Purge", 2016) and a couple of 12"EPs ("Poisse", 2014 & "Pourrissoir", 2017). Recorded over the second half of 2018 and doped by a new rhythmical section, their second full-length "Punir" (punish) doesn't make any single effort to hide their intents. 

On this record, the band continues to distance themselves from their earlier works, more than ever walking the fence between sludge and death metal while still keeping their noise / industrial underlays. This time tracked & mixed by Cyrille Gachet (Year Of No Light, The Great Old Ones, Chaos Echoes) then mastered at Audiosiege by Brad Boatright (Nails, Full Of Hell, Cult Leader…), "Punir" marks a powerful step-up in the band's overwhelming body of work.

  • Recorded by Cyrille Gachet at Le Bon Accueil, Rennes, France 

  • Mixed by Cyrille Gachet at Dick Doom Studio, Bordeaux, France 

  • Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, Portland, USA 

  • Artwork by Benjamin Moreau 


01. Ceinturon
02. Chien De Sang
03. Les Boyaux De La Princesse
04. Opinel
05. Il Reconnaîtra Les Siens
06. Maintien De L'Ordre
07. Second Soleil

Fange "Pourrissoir"

THRT062 / March 17, 2017


A mere few months after the release of their debut album "Purge", french degenerate sludge quartet FANGE maintains their devouring fire with these six new tracks. With strong visual and lyrical ties to its predecessor, "Pourrissoir" marks the closing of a chapter for the band, while standing both as their most punishing work and as a step outside their comfort zone.

This time showcasing a colder approach in songwriting and production, their appeal for all things gritty gives character to their metallic sludgecore, leaning towards chuggy death metal, noise rock-infused slow-burners or harsh noise. With a now triple-vocal attack and a bigger emphasis on the ear-drilling side of their sound, "Pourrissoir" and its hammering wall of sound - once again captured by KKP in their hometown of Rennes - is one more proof of the band's unending thirst for unpleasant, gut-punching sounds.

  • Recorded by K.K.P. & Valentin Jung at Hôtel Pasteur, Rennes, France
  • Mixed and mastered by K.K.P. at Worship Studio, Dinan, France
  • Artwork by Anterograde

200 x pale sun
300 x black


01. Parmi Les Ruines
02. Agapes
03. Ultrafrance
04. Les Gémonies
05. Vore
06. Ressac

    Fange "PUrge"

    THRT055 / September 2, 2016

    LP / CD  / DIGITAL

    Founded in 2013 in Rennes (western France) by Huata’s bassist B.Moreau with the will of pushing sludge in its more abrasive, mind-numbing corners, FANGE’s debut EP "Poisse" revealed a band with an uncommon take of the genre. Re-appropriating the classic Swedish death metal sound with detours to harsh noise, crust or metallic hardcore, the band now fully realize their sound on their first album "Purge", strengthened by a new line-up that features drummer B.Louvet and vocalist M.Jungbluth (Calvaiire).

    With only one guitar throwing out monstrous HM-2 fueled riffs, stomach-kicking yet versatile drum work and bile-gargling, mutilated vocals, "Purge" marks a filthier turn in the band’s uncompromising wall of sound. Entirely recorded by KKP (Abjvration, Huata, Ataraxie…) and enhanced by ear-piercing layers of noise, these six tracks are an exhausting aural experience. This is ignorant music for the Educated Man. For fans of : irrational feelings of guilt, Tom G.Warrior vocal gimmicks, body negativity.

    • Recorded by K.K.P. at Hôtel Pasteur, Rennes, France
    • Mixed and mastered by K.K.P. at Worship Studio, Dinan, France
    • Artwork by Anterograde

    200 x HM-2 orange
    300 x black


    01. Cour Martiale
    02. Mâchefer
    03. Roy-Vermine
    04. Étouffoir
    05. De Guerre Lasse
    06. Girone Della Merda