Huata "Atavist Of Mann"

THRT010 / February 2, 2012


Satan's disowned children are once again slipping on their hoods and frocks to give birth to one of the dirtiest and heaviest sludge/doom record of recent times. Acclaimed here and there, their previous EP "Open The Gates Of Shambhala" was our first release and allowed them to inflict tinnitus and stiffness while opening for Electric Wizard, Ramesses and many more. Now we're proud to introduce you to "Atavist Of Mann", the debut album from Brittany's own HUATA. 60 minutes as a giant middle finger to modernism : recorded in the middle of nowhere by Kristian Keyboard Production, this slow procession of anvil riffs smoke-filled enough to make your mouth feel all furry, of liturgical atmospheres played with Hammond organ and clean vocals singed by the devil himself will pervert the most innocent souls. Seven tracks that crown a band who has been able to go to the very bitter end of its process, musically as well as aesthetically, and a record meant to be a milestone, at least by outclassing menopause on the podium of the causes of prolapse.

  • Recorded, mixed and mastered by K.K.P. at Worship Studio, France
  • Artwork by Benjamin Moreau

500 x black


01. Lords Of The Flame
02. Operation Mistletoe
03. Thee Imperial Wizard
04. Testi Svm Capri
05. Templars Of the Black Sun
06. Fall Of The 4th
07. Black Sabbath (Coven)

    Huata "Open The Gates Of SHambhala"

    THRT002 / March 3, 2010


    These guys are labelling themselves as "stoner/doom/Satan", and it's the best way to sum up them; think Sleep, Ramesses, Electric Wizard, Church Of Misery... "Open The Gates Of Shambhala" is the first EP from Huata, 5 songs and 35 minutes of occult, dirty and heavy as fuck DOOM.

    • Recorded by Huata
    • Mixed and mastered by K.K.P. at Worship Studio, France
    • Artwork by Benjamin Moreau






    01. Alchemist Reborn
    02. Diving In A Swamp
    03. Ratzinger Pussycat
    04. Jozef Fritzl Syndrom
    05. Rotten Dick