Plebeian Grandstand "False Highs, True LowS"

THRT053 / April 29, 2016


Great bands inspire vocations, PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND annihilate them. It’s hard not to laugh hysterically while listening to the band’s third album "False Highs, True Lows", which destroys any desire to play music that intense. Formed in Toulouse in 2005, the french quartet never ceased to feed its insatiable appetite for dissonance and bleakness, slowly morphing from their former noisy, metallic hardcore to what could be the ultimate blend of black metal, sludge and noise. On the heels of their acclaimed 2014 album "Lowgazers" and after countless shows in North America, India and Europe that forged their new rhythmical section, the band returned to Amaury Sauvé’s The Apiary studio during december 2015 to prove that their previous body of work was just a ladder to something even more suffocating.

"False Highs, True Lows" is PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND’s most accomplished effort to date; with guitars ranging between dry-heaving riffs, light-speed melodies and crushing sludgier parts, a terrifying, surgically savage drum performance full of maniacal blasts beats and martial rhythms, and the most angst-ridden vocal performance since the invention of waterboarding. Despite the fact that the record was tracked live and no matter how organic the spectacular production job sounds, everything seems barely played by humans. This is the culmination of three decades of extreme and forward-thinking music spitted out with the visceral, abrasive approach of their early days, and an out-of-this-world recording by one of the most intimidating, essential acts ouf our time.

  • Recorded and mixed by Amaury Sauvé at The Apiary Studio, Laval, France
  • Mastered by Nick Zampiello and Rob Gonnella At New Alliance East Mastering, Boston, USA
  • Artwork by Olivier Lolmède

210 x blood red
330 x black

xxx x blood red / ultraclear color in color
xxx x black


01. Mal Du Siècle
02. Low Empire
03. Tributes And Oblivions
04. Volition
05. Mineral Tears
06. Oculi Lac
07. Tame The Shapes
08. Eros Culture

    Plebeian Grandstand "Lowgazers"

    THRT042 / March 31, 2014


    Four years after "How Hate Is Hard To Define" and a pair of splits, here's the long-awaited second full-length from Toulouse, France's PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND. "Lowgazers" marks another impressive step in the band's quest of total aural devastation : armed with new drummer Ivo (Stuntman, PAL…), the four-piece picks the most dissonant and experimental aspects of black metal, hardcore and sludge to create an unreal vortex of desolation.

    From the first notes of "Thrvst", the band reaches new heights of intensity, switching from inhuman blast beats to slow-motion torture, while unorthodox guitar work and painfully shrieked vocals tear the listener from all quarters. Recorded and mixed by Amaury Sauvé (Birds In Row, Calvaiire, Death Engine…) then mastered at New Alliance East (Converge, Gaza, Xasthur), "Lowgazers" sounds commensurate to the band's vision, being a ruthless demonstration of power as well as an untouchable pinnacle in extreme music hybridization.

    • Recorded and mixed by Amaury Sauvé at La Senelle, Laval, France
    • Mastered by Nick Zampiello and Rob Gonnella At New Alliance East Mastering, Boston, USA
    • Artwork by Adrien Broué

    500 x 180 gram black

    500 x black


    01. Thrvst
    02. Endless Craving
    03. Flail In The Bliss
    04. Lowlifer
    05. Relief Of Troth
    06. Svn In Your Head
    07. Aimless Roaming
    08. Mvrk Diving

      Plebeian Grandstand / Cortez "Split"

      THRT023 / October 15, 2012

      10"EP  / DIGITAL

      Tolosian plebs and long-time-no-see swiss cross their swords on this exclusive 10” split, each band carving their grooves with an unique twelve minute-long track. 

      On tail side, PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND confirms their hegemony in terms of frightening chaos : the ghostly "I.W.W.O.Y.T.W.Y.W.O.M" starts like a long and punishing funeral procession, just before the thunder strikes the cortege. Becoming less hardcore-oriented and more experimental - while always sustaining a rare intensity-, the band leaves their comfort zone with this hypnotic track swinging between sludge/drone and black metal. 

      Heads, after seven years of silence and a full-length ("Initial") that left a deep impression, "A.F.D.N.T.E.D.E.V.L.S." marks the comeback of CORTEZ’s acrid and corrosive noisecore. Still bass-less, still as harsh as ever, the swiss trio delivers a massive piece filled with a nearly luminous imperial slowness. An opportunity to check that the band hasn’t lost its touch, entangling crushed rhythms and powerful emotional discharges.

      • Recorded and mixed by Luc Ferré at O'O Studio in Toulouse, France / Samuel Vaney at Autoclave Studio, Singapore
      • Mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering Chicago, USA
      • Artwork by Romain Barbot

      500 x bone white


      01. Plebeian Grandstand - I.W.W.O.Y.T.W.Y.W.O.M
      02. Cortez - A.F.D.N.T.E.D.E.V.L.S.

        Bone Dance / Divider / Plebeian Grandstand "Split"

        THRT011 / September 9, 2011

        LP / DIGITAL

        Three bands, three different interpretations of hardcore/punk, two continents, one policy: Destroy. BONE DANCE (Boise, Idaho, USA) doesn't want to be your friend. The nihilism you'll hear from these self-described "five loud dudes with shitty attitudes", playing their exceedingly raw brand of chaotic hardcore/sludge, will ring a bell whether you're into Gaza or Ken Mode, Botch or Cursed. Conceived with a colossal sense of brutality, yet never forsaking their punk ethos, "West" and "Conniver" will further consecrate this band as one to watch. Remember this goddamned name.

        No matter how paradoxical it may seem, DIVIDER (Long Island, New York, USA) would prefer to unite rather than to divide. Uniting the sound of more modern filthy hardcore bands with a strong sense of punk emergency, these two tracks ("Gaia" & "Halios Geron" ) introduce Chris Tzompanakis behind the mic, best known for his work with the influential group Skycamefalling in the early 2000's. If you're into Deadguy, The Power And The Glory or Vision Of Disorder, you've found the perfect soundtrack for your next bare-knuckle boxing match.

        As for PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND (Toulouse, France), if the shrapnel-laden assault that was "How Hate Is Hard To Define" had you asking for more, this time around there won't be any survivors left to beg for a rematch. If the explosion of screaming and distortion that is "Woe Is Me" isn't enough, then the hallucinatory "Woe Is You", with its Neurosis inspired, trance-like drums, and a throbbing bassline that builds to a crescendo which threatens to tip the richter scale, certainly will be. The first time I heard these tracks, I felt like ripping off my eyelids. And I won't be the one.

        • Recorded and mixed by Nathan Barnes at Osmosis Recording Studio, Meridian, USA / Scott Gross at Hit & Run Studios, New York, USA / Luc Ferré at O'O Studio in Toulouse, France
        • Mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering, Chicago, USA
        • Artwork by Bryce Kresge

        600 x black


        01. Bone Dance - Conniver
        02. Bone Dance - West
        03. Divider - Gaïa
        04. Divider - Halios Geron
        05. Plebeian Grandstand  - Woe Is Me
        06. Plebeian Grandstand  - Woe Is You

          Plebeian Grandstand "How Hate Is Hard To Define"

          THRT001 / March 15, 2010

          LP  / DIGITAL

          Focusing on emotions that captivate as no other and questioning them as they would be at stake for everyone. PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND was presenting more mature elements of composition, telling the difference in what has to become emphasize and what’s to be dropped quickly, so drawing up more progressive patterns on their vision of their music. With "How Hate Is Hard To Define", PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND has reached uncommon grounds and reaches the top level of uncompromising music.

          • Recorded by Luc Ferré at O'O Studio in Toulouse, France
          • Mixed by Silvin Suquet in Toulouse, France
          • Mastered by Carl Saff At Saff Mastering, Chicago, USA
          • Artwork by Romain Barbot

          350 x black


          01. Kata Ton ∆aimona Eaytoy
          02. Ordo Ab Chao
          03. Nice Days Are Weak
          04. Mein Kopf Ist Meine Heimat
          05. Easy to Hate / Hard to Define
          06. Pie In The Sky
          07. Don't Expect Much From World's End
          08. Are You Angry... 
          09. [...] Or Boring