The Phantom CarriAge "Falls"

THRT030 / February 28, 2013


With this second full-length, Poitiers' THE PHANTOM CARRIAGE annihilate the remaining boundaries between black metal and dark hardcore. This time focusing on the most extreme side of their sound, "Falls" brings the band's unique approach to the next level, invoking reminiscences of various acts such as Deathspell Omega, Cave In, Comity, Deafheaven or Kickback. Songs such as "Dreamers Will Never Stop Dreaming" or "Today We Stand" reveal how much the band has improved their songwriting abilities, burying the listener under piles of epic & technical riffs, labyrinthic structures and unearthly vocals. By throwing into their chaos some more unorthodox influences they gained from their other past and actual experiences, THE PHANTOM CARRIAGE prove that they are digging deeper than your average "blackened hardcore" band. And they will take you with them.

  • Recorded, mixed and mastered by Franck Hueso at Mix'Em All Studio, Poitiers
  • Artwork by Romain Barbot

500 x transparent purple


01. Today We Stand
02. Mistakes & Fixes
03. Dreamers Will Never Stop Dreaming
04. About Being A Father
05. Since We Can't Forget Who We Were
06. Rejuvenation
07. The Time
08. Devils, Gods, Us

    The Phantom Carriage "New Thing"

    THRT012 / April 9, 2011


    THE PHANTOM CARRIAGE rises from the ashes of french screamo band, Taciturn. The story begins when former members decided to look for a "new" kind of extreme music. The will to create something heavier and darker than what the existing scene was producing quickly led them to cross genres and give birth to a more blackened and chaotic music. 

    • Recorded and mixed by Lionel Ferry at Studio4, Poitiers, France
    • Mastered by Franck Hueso at Mix'Em All Studio, Poitiers, France
    • Artwork by Harry Hadler







    01. The Horses Feed Their Birds
    02. The Wreck Of My Mental Ship
    03. The Monument On Hendrick's Hill
    04. Black Rain Falls In Drops
    05. Les Fantômes Se Cachent Pour Pleurer
    06. Our Roses
    07. 16-04-10